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Thursday, January 30, 2020

January 30, 2020

Choosing the best bike for your fitness plan

Cycling is not just making pedals and wheels spinning. It’s a lifestyle and a great way to improve your bank balance. Benefits of cycling for your health and fitness routine are already well-known. Besides being a perfect exercise routine that will help you reach your goal, it’ll bring you lots of fun and improve your flexibility. However, if you’re a newbie into cycling and thinking of incorporating it into your fitness routine, there are something you need to know in order to find out what fits you best.

Benefits of cycling

When you cycle, you activate the muscles in your entire body, not just the legs. Because of that, cycling benefits are numerous. Regular cycling improves your blood circulation, which is great for cardiovascular health, radiant skin and increased mental capacity. It strengthens your muscles and bones which will not only help you tone up, but will also play an important role in decreasing the risk of osteoporosis and back pain. You will have to balance yourself and because of that cycling will also improve your posture and coordination. Since you will be working out as you ride a bicycle, you will also burn fat. Finally, cycling effectively reduces stress and anxiety, which will result in a more energetic and happier you.

Do it your way

Cycling is a really unique exercise since it offers plenty of options that would fit your personal needs and preferences as well as your schedule. You can get yourself an indoor bike and exercise at home. You can also commute, run errands and meet up with people on a bike. Moreover, if you fall in love with cycling, you can experience more excitement by going mountain biking on weekends. You can choose one option or try them all. Still, it’s important that you pay attention to the type of bike you need to get. Not only does it need to fit your needs but it should be of good quality as well.

Recreational bikes

Recreational bikes are perfect for people who chose cycling as their daily activity. This means commuting, going around town or casual rides on paved paths and gravel. In general, consider Giordano Libero, because they are known for their great selection when it comes to recreational bikes. These are not meant for extremely long rides or mountain terrain, so keep that in mind.

Mountain bikes

If you are an adventure spirit and want to try mountain biking, make sure that you get a proper bike that can live up to the task. In general, these bikes have bigger wheels, they are extremely durable and sturdy but offer proper balance and the handlebars are closer to the rider. If you’re thinking of buying yourself a good mountain bike, take a look at Liv/giant selection. What’s more, mountain bikes are versatile – you can use them for casual rides around town as well.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes are great for people who want a good workout but are concerned with their own level of fitness. Basically, this is the best option for someone who’s only starting out with their fitness plan. The effort you put into pedaling is constant, which means less strain on your heart. There’s less fatigue involved, which puts ebikes at the top of the list when it comes to commuting as well. Always go for a most-trusted choice such as Haibike if you want to be completely satisfied with your investment.

Home exercise bikes

If cycling outdoors is out of question for you, you can still enjoy all the benefits of cycling by getting yourself a stationary exercise bike. That way you can use your home as your gym and get a good workout in your own time. You won’t have to worry about getting ready or cycling when it’s dark. Of course, make sure that the bike is top quality. For example, online reviews praise Diamondback Fitness exercise bikes the most.
Whichever you choose out of these, it’s essential to know your potentials and limits. Also think of your safety. If you’re going to cycle around town and especially go for mountain biking, you need to wear proper protection such as cycling guards and helmets. Keep yourself hydrated and don’t go beyond your limits. There will space for that once you master cycling. You have to take things slowly so that all the steps towards your fitness goal are safe and healthy.