Thursday, January 9, 2020

Information about Popping pimple

We all know pimples are the big threat for oily skin and create a lot of problems for such skin type. Getting rid of these pimples is like dream come true for many of us. Most of the  people try to pop there pimples and end up with red big scars on there face. Popping pimple is a very common practice done by many but it is always suggested to give those pimples there own time to heal. Many people ask me the right way to pop the pimples as they are in great hurry and want there clear skin back as soon as possible.

Let us know what is the real meaning of popping pimple, when people try to deal with there acne which comes in many ugly forms on face, back, chest and thighs they do it with the popping process. Though popping pimples is not a safe practice but still as sometimes we are in great hurry and have no options these few tips will definately help you pop you pimples better way. Few measures and tips can make it more safe and helpful for you like :

Hyginic conditions – Your hands and face 

should be properly washed before popping the pimples as it can cause infections and create problems for you. Second very important thing is to sterilize the needle to be used for popping. Though using needle is and old way of popping the pimples but cleaning process should be taken care of everytime you pop.

Dealing with extracted liquid – 

When you pop the pimples Squeezing the pip will cause scarring and may cause the liquid to get onto other parts of the skin, which can lead to another pimple. So always wipe in with hydrogen peroxide to kill the excess bacteria and stop them to cause damage further.

Swelling –

 Sometimes people face swelling on the parts being popped up, use ice there and get rid of those swelling.
Always keep in mind these precautions and feel safer. Those irritating pimples force people to pop them but better way is to let them heal naturally. Never pop the hard red, cyst pimples otherwise it can give you a permanent scar for whole life.

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